Debunked methods that some say will help fight off coronavirus

Debunked methods that some say will help fight off coronavirus
Posted at 5:44 PM, Apr 01, 2020

Complaints about coronavirus-related scams are surging.

The Federal Trade Commission says complaints are double what they were a week ago – around 7,800 so far this year. And, that's just what's been reported.

Officials say the scams have cost Americans nearly $5 million, with the average person losing about $600.

The top coronavirus-related fraud complaints are travel-based with refunds and cancellations.

Other scams include reports about problems with online shopping, mobile texting scams, and people posing as government officials or businesses.

There are also claims about methods and supplements that can boost your immunity to the virus that simply aren't true.

CBD is one of them. The National Consumers League is warning people that's false. In general, the organization says many CBD products are unregulated, untested and possibly mislabeled.

“I’m very confident there's not a pill, a supplement, something that everyone should be running out and grabbing that's going to keep them from getting this virus,” said Dr. Ned Legare with MDVIP.

Dr. Legare says the evidence about boosting immunity can fall short. He says good nutrition works. A poor diet makes you susceptible to disease.

Also, he says staying physically active causes your antibodies and white blood cells to circulate faster. That means they could detect and fight bugs more quickly.

Being active and well rested lowers stress hormones, which reduces your chances of getting sick. Studies have proven healthy adults who are sleep deprived are more likely to get a cold.

“Good sleep doesn’t just start when we get into bed. It’s more of a wind down process and destressing process right to get good quality sleep, so you're not in bed kind of tossing and turning kind of anxious," said Dr. Fareeha Hussaini, a sleep specialist and assistant professor at the University of South Florida.

Another false claim about fighting coronavirus is that hot baths, showers or steam therapies kill the virus. Steam therapy can only thin mucus and ease congestion that comes with cold or flu symptoms.

The Food and Drug Administration has also warned several companies that make essential oils, teas and other supplements to stop making virus fighting claims.

Click here for guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on how to protect yourself from the coronavirus.