Congressman's son dabs during official swearing-in photo

Adults don't get what's happening
Congressman's son dabs during official swearing-in photo
Posted at 7:41 PM, Jan 03, 2017

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- On a day filled with pomp, circumstance and photo ops meant to commemorate pomp and circumstance, leave it to the youth to out-ridiculous everyone else.

After House Speaker Paul Ryan officially swore in the 115th Congress Tuesday, he began an hours-long photo op with members and their families.

Newly-minted Rep. Roger Marshall, a Kansas Republican, got more than he bargained for in his photo. Despite being a father of four with what is likely a finely-tuned nonsense radar, one of the younger Marshalls decided to take full advantage of his front and center position ... by dabbing.

Dabbing is an upper body movement -- made popular by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, and made embarrassing by former Rep. Loretta Sanchez during a political debate. Young Mr. Marshall did a textbook dab in the hallowed halls of Congress.

As you can see, Ryan didn't really get it. He admitted as much later on Twitter.

"Do you want to put your hand down?" Ryan said. "You gonna sneeze? That it?"

Everyone probably thought it would be the toddler up front to steal the spotlight.

The elder Marshall did not respond to request for comment regarding terms, conditions or length of his son's grounding.