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Climber dies, 7 others rescued on Oregon's Mount Hood

Climber dies, 7 others rescued on Oregon's Mount Hood
Posted at 7:47 PM, Feb 13, 2018

One climber is dead, and seven others were stranded on Tuesday on Oregon's Mount Hood as rescuers had a tough time navigating through difficult conditions to reach the climbers, the Oregonian reported. 

The male climber died on Tuesday after falling 700 feet. The climber was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Portland, where he died. 

The surviving climbers split into two groups. One group of four climbers sparingly used a cell phone, and reported they had enough supplies to last a day. Authorities told the group that it would be best to stay put. 

The other group, which is said to have at least three climbers, was reportedly closer to the summit of Mount Hood when they became stranded. 

Both groups of climbers were able to make it off the mountain by Tuesday evening, with some assistant from rescue crews. 

The goal was to have both group of climbers off the mountain by 1 a.m. PT. A storm was forecast to begin early Wednesday morning. 

"I can't speak to their mental state. I know what mine would be if I were up there and I would be a wreck," Sheriff Spokesman Stg. Brian Jensen told the Oregonian. 

Mount Hood is reportedly not a popular destination in February, but a dry winter has caused more climbers to attempt to climb the mountain. The summit of Mount Hood is the tallest peak in Oregon.