"Check Your Panties," TV anchor's hilarious slip-up due to misspelled word goes viral

Posted at 6:01 AM, Oct 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-20 06:01:39-04

Eric Philips, TV anchor for NBC12 in Richmond is going viral all because of a missing letter. 

Philips was reading a script about a rice cooker recall when a typo in the teleprompter caused the TV anchors to break into a laughing fit. 

The line was supposed to read "Check your PANTRIES, about 175-thousand rice and slow cookers..." but instead, it said, "Check your PANTIES."

Philips didn't catch the typo until after he read it live on air. So the result was pretty hilarious and his co-anchor, Karla Redditte, even told Philips that she saw it right before he started talking but she didn't have enough time to warn him. 

Even the meteorologist got in on the fun and walked into the camera shot to say "just go ahead and say hello to the internet."

The anchor and the station are having fun with the viral misread. 

The video has now been shared on national stations and even ESPN. 

Redditte even shared a photo of the actual script that shows pantries, misspelled as panties. Take a moment to watch the video and share a laugh.