Check out these national deals to celebrate Pi Day

Check out these national deals to celebrate Pi Day
Posted at 12:04 PM, Mar 14, 2017

Everyone from mathematicians to meteorologists are enjoying Pi Day, a day to celebrate a mathematical constant.

But the day offers something for even those who have little interest in a fraction that never ends or repeats. 


Several national outlets have deals on goodies to celebrate March 14, which shortened to 3.14 represents the first three digits of Pi.

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Take a look below at the deals courtesy of

Bakers Square: The Midwest bakery is offering $2 off pie orders for in-store customers on March 13-14. 

Blaze Pizza: The fast casual pizza chain is offering personal pain pizzas with unlimited toppings for $3.14

Bojangles: The famous chicken restaurant is selling a piece of sweet potato pie for $3.14.

Boston Market: The rotisserie chicken stop is giving a free chicken pot pie with any individual meal and drink purchase. 

Coco's Bakery Restaurants: The bakery is offering a piece of any signature pie for $3.14 

Godfather's Pizza: The pizza spot is offering $3 off a large pizza, a medium pizza for $3.99 when you get a large speciality pizza or $4 off a jumbo pizza. 

Hungry Howie's: The pizza and sandwich shop is offering a medium one-topping pizza for $3.14.

Whole Foods: The grocery store is offering $3.14 off any large bakery pie or large Take & Bake pizza. 

Other Pi Day deals (non-food variety)

&Pizza: The up-and-coming chain is giving away a free wedding and party. 

Kohl's: Get online-only deals on pie bakeware and accessories. Get 95 percent off "The Life of Pi" in paperback. 

Zazzle: Get 14 percent off a Pi Day order.