Bob Seger fans still waiting for refunds, reschedule dates

Posted at 5:58 PM, May 06, 2018

Bob Seger fans are still dealing with the fallout from his Fall 2017 tour.

The heartland rocker wasn't able to perform for medical reasons; a big disappointment for Arizona fan Monica Harty.

"One of those concerts you wanna see before you die--this was one of them," she says.

But after months of waiting for the show to be rescheduled, she decided to ask StubHub for her money back.

"They said 'well we have a placeholder date,'" Harty says.  

But that date was well over a year away and with $526 on the line, Harty was not willing to wait.  

Didn't matter. She says she was told, "It still shows in our system that a concert is coming and we don't have to refund."

"I said well that doesn't seem exactly right."

But it was. Because Seger's shows were postponed---not canceled. Which makes a big difference in the world of ticket selling.  

StubHub--where Monica bought hers--has a no refund policy for: "postponed events, partial performances, line-up changes, or venue, date, or time changes."

What if she couldn't be there on some random future date?

She even filed a dispute with her credit card company. It was denied.

Yep, Bob Seger himself would have to officially cancel the concert for Harty to see that money again.

The other option?

"Well you can go ahead and resell the tickets that you have on our site," she says. "How do I sell something that doesn't exist?"

None of it made sense to Harty so she let me know.

A spokesperson for StubHub said: Postponed events "typically are re-scheduled quickly. We are always happy to take the customer inquiries and respond to them 1:1 for this show, or any future events."

In this case, after seven months of waiting StubHub agreed to refund Harty's money after our inquiry.

"I feel better," she says but says it doesn't take the place of seeing Seger in concert.

Cancellations often trigger an automatic refund.

With postponements, you're likely going to have to work for it.  Find out the policies before you buy and decide if it's worth the risk.