ABC Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee discusses electric vehicle road trip, being environmentally friendly

Ginger Zee
Posted at 4:50 AM, Apr 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 07:58:49-04

All this week, Good Morning America Chief Meteorologist Ginger Zee has been making stops in her travels from New York City to Miami in an electric vehicle.

It's part of Earth Week and her efforts to highlight the savings and how far electric vehicle technology has come.

Zee is passionate about "going green" and the some simple changes you can make at home to better protect Earth.

"That's the thing is talking about any vehicle purchase right now is frightening, because they're all expensive to everybody, right? As is everything. So I'd say more about eliminating, I would go with something I've been talking a lot about. A lot of women use the face wipes, I don't know why we got away from washcloths. Think about those simple swaps of things that you're purchasing that just got thrown away with single-use," Zee said.

"It's not just that the single-use plastic and single-use items are bad for the planet. They're bad for your pocketbook. And so I would say those, the water bottles, I mean, I know we've harped on that a lot. But you've got to make a real habitual change. And then on top of that, I would look at in your home, I've gotten my husband who loved paper towels to not buy a paper towel for three years. And he is a full believer in the towel. That's it's used to clean up things. We've used it for, you know, centuries, and it still works. And now he's very proud and he loves telling people, we don't buy paper towels," Zee said. "Also, we compost if you live outside of a city composting is one of the strongest ways to reduce your carbon emissions."

"All we should feel is empowered. We should look around and say, let's do this because we can make a social movement, and individual action is wonderful. However, voting with our dollar by driving private companies to do the types of things that we want them to do to utilize the types of substances and packaging that we want. We have power well beyond our front door into our schools or communities and then to vote those policies and those the incentives that are going to make renewable energy possible is what we need to do to make real change rapidly," said Zee.

Zee is also launching a new show on NatGeo called "Branching Out: A NatGeo Earth Day Adventure" where she takes her family on a road trip highlighting more "green" solutions.