71-year-old woman who lost 140-pound tumor vows to be 'One hot babe'

71-year-old woman who lost 140-pound tumor vows to be 'One hot babe'
Posted at 2:00 PM, Mar 01, 2017

Mary Clancey is 180 pounds lighter and she's vowing to make the most of her new frame.

"Hopefully, I'll get curvy," Clancey, 71, said to Scranton, Pennsylvania's WNEP this week. "I'll be one hot babe eventually."

Clancey, a Pennsylvania resident, lost more than half her body weight when she had a massive tumor removed. According to WFMZ, Clancey weighed 365 pounds in November, when an MRI revealed she had a 140-pound tumor in her ovary.

Doctors recently removed the growth—along with 40 pounds of skin for abdominal reconstruction work—taking Clancey's weight to 147 pounds.

"That [tumor] rolled out and I looked like an empty Easter egg," Clancey told WFMZ.

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She said she was unhappy with the persistent weight gain she'd suffered over the course of 16 years and had "tried everything" to lose the pounds, including weight loss supplements advertised on TV.

"All television does is tell us that we're fat ... maybe we are not all fat, maybe there is something else there," Clancey told WFMZ.

She urged people who are struggling to lose weight to check with their doctors to make sure they don't have a tumor.

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