5 winter driving myths debunked to help commuters

Posted at 12:52 PM, Jan 06, 2017

What really works when you're behind the wheel this winter? Some people believe certain driving techniques work when the roads are slippery and covered in snow. But that doesn't mean it’s the safest method.

Kristin Byrne, traffic anchor for Scripps station WEWS in Cleveland, spoke with the Professional Driving School in Cleveland and is debunking five winter driving myths.

Myth Number 1: If your car skids on ice or snow, put it in neutral

Fact: This won't help you stop faster. The best advice for skidding, let up on the gas and turn into the skid

Myth Number 2: You are safer in an all-wheel drive vehicle

Fact: Your car can still skid on snow and ice just like anyone else's car

Myth Number 3: Drop your tire pressure in winter

Fact: It doesn't increase traction, plus it can wear out your tires

Myth Number 4: Following tire grooves in snow and ice is the safest option

This one is a little tricky. If it's a wet snow, experts say you might be able to gain better traction by following tire treads. But if the roads are icy, you can easily skid and it's not a good idea. Bottom line, experts say, adjust to the weather conditions.

Myth Number 5: Keep extra weight in your car in winter for better traction.

Fact: This only helps if you have a rear-wheel car. Most cars out there are front wheel drive or all-wheel drive, so this doesn't apply.