Mother shares viral post after son is possible victim of hazing while attending CMU

Posted at 10:41 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-02 06:50:08-05

A possible hazing incident has gone viral and one mother wants answers.

A woman named Teresa Seely posted several pictures of her son, with swelling to his eyes and face. She said he was a student at Central Michigan University and just found out that this was the result of a hazing incident there.

Seely said in the post that her son was a victim of hazing at Alpha Chi Rho and when he was passed out, someone smeared peanut butter on his face, which he is severely allergic to.

Seely wants the post shared. She also contacted the university.

According to Heather Smith, the communications director for Central Michigan University, Seely has been in contact with the staff and the university is investigating the incident. Smith said CMU has also alerted the Mt. Pleasant Police Department, since she said the alleged incident happened off campus.

"This is potentially a criminal matter, so it's very serious that we look into this as well,” said Smith.

Also, Smith said the student in question is no longer a student at CMU this semester, but he was last fall.  Smith also said the Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity is not a sanction organization on campus.

"It was actually removed from campus in 2011 as a registered fraternity, as a recognized fraternity, for hazing.  So they tried to appeal last fall to be reinstated, they were denied by CMU's inter-fraternity council as well as the university to be reinstated,” said Smith.

Dr. Partha Nandi, the 7 Action News chief health editor, weighed in on the serious nature of peanut allergies.
"A lot of people feel like peanut allergies are oh, they're over-exaggerated, but the bottom line, is it's one of the most serious allergies people can have, people can literally die from it,” said Nandi.

7 Action News reached out Teresa Seely and she put us in contact with her attorney.  He said there will be a news conference regarding the issue on Thursday.