Medical ID on your phone could save your life

Posted at 4:38 PM, Sep 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-10 16:38:04-04

A life-saving tip posted on Facebook is going viral.

Katherine Jarmy wrote the fun fact saying she works in an emergency room in South Carolina. There, she has had many patients come in and no way of knowing who they were or how to contact family members.

So she offered this advice, set up what’s called a Medical ID on your iPhone.

This is one of the lesser known but potentially most important features, but you need at least the iOS 8 operating system.

Once you are on the home screen, the Health app will be there. Open it and you can create your medical ID by inputting your birth date, medical conditions, allergies/reactions, medications, emergency contact, blood type and if you are an organ donor.

So if you were in a tragic accident, doctors could open your phone without needing a password, click emergency, medical ID and all your medical history and information will be there.

Doctors at Tampa General Hospital say the app is just one way you could save your life.

“If someone came in and they were unconscious after an accident, and they had a potential life threatening allergy or a complicated health history, having that information where our triage personnel or first responders can pull that information up and project it to us while we are stabilizing the patient, it would make for a more optimal outcome,” said Dr. Matthew Vasey.

The app isn’t only for emergency purposes, you can track your steps, what you eat and your sleep habits.

It is only available on Apple devices; however, android does have similar apps.