Massive snowstorm impacting travel at TIA

Posted at 3:29 PM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-23 14:45:44-05
Around Tampa Bay on Friday, we saw wind and rain. 
In the Northeast it is a massive winter storm, but the wrath of Mother Nature is still being felt here.
"Will I make it back in time? Will I have to stay over?" Joe Ponessa asked.
A question many travelers are asking today, especially when you're heading to New York's La Guardia airport, like Joe.
"I'm hopeful that it should be an uneventful flight," he said. 
But there's no hope of making it to Minneapolis on time for Asfaw Beyene, who was schedule to leave today, but was automatically re-booked for tomorrow, thanks to the weather. 
He said this delay is an American welcome, on his first trip to the United States. 
"I'm getting real experience of American flight delays, I can't do nothing," Beyene said. 
Nerves are on edge at TIA, where the Cook family's Pittsburgh vacation may have to wait a big longer. 
"We're just happy to go it's a big family trip and we're going to have the best time we can," Bradley Cook said. 
Even thought she might be the only one, Jeanne Cook is excited about the winter storm. 
"They don't play much in the snow so it should be fun, snowball fights, building snowmen," she said.

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