Man arrested after blackmailing woman with intimate video

Threats, extortion on the rise from video voyeurs
Posted at 4:51 PM, Sep 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-20 18:12:36-04

Hillsborough County Deputies arrested a man they say secretly took video of himself having sex with a girl, then threatened to post the video online when she stopped their relationship.

33-year-old Richard Woodbury is being charged with video voyeurism. According to experts, it's a crime that's growing exponentially.

"The difference with 2017 and 1997, is the way people stalk is completely different," Matt Aubin with Cyber Investigation Services said. "They used to have to be a peeping Tom and stare through your windows where people could see them. Nowadays, they can hide a camera the size of a pinhead."

Aubin says his company gets hundreds of inquiries to investigate cases, like revenge porn, every month.

"On any given week, anywhere between 25 and 100, as far as inquiries that we get. We normally work 18 to 20 of these in a given month," he said.

In many of the cases, he says the victims don't even know the person. He says hackers find videos and pictures in phones, tablets, computes and the cloud. They then use that info to extort money or more pictures and videos. Aubin has even had a case where a home security system was hacked.

"All of the footage was backed up to this person's cloud," he explained.

Intimate moments captured on the home security cameras were then exposed on the internet. While some of situations are unavoidable, Aubin's best piece of advice is to do your best to stay away from any camera in intimate situations.

"Don't put yourself in a position to where you can have any vulnerable information out there," he said.