Local startup launches app designed to reward you for shopping local

You can treat yourself or donate to charities
Posted at 9:24 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 21:24:11-04

You've heard of apps that offer you points for shopping, right? But now a new start up company in Tampa is adding a new dimension to that concept.

It's all about rewarding you for shopping at local businesses. And as we found out it goes well beyond that.

Inside a cramped Tampa office, Eric Johnson and his team are building what they call the currency of community.

"We're trying to keep everyone shopping in the neighborhood. The small businesses in the community are failing. Going under. Corporate is coming in," he says.

They've created an app called Kabinger that connects you with local merchants.

"Lawn service to car wash to nail salon, dentist and real estate agent all signed up this week," says Johnson.

Kabinger offers users points that turn into cash rewards. And if you think you've seen this before think again.

"So when they shop with a local merchant in the Kabinger app, they are getting loyalty points back in our app.  All the rewards are in our app, unlike any other where you have to go back into the merchant, " Johnson says.

Kabinger is different because it deals exclusively with local businesses and there's also a charitable element. The rewards you receive, you can donate to a local charity or even a local school.

"So when those parents download the app for free and start using it in their community they can gift those points to that school," he says.

It's a win times three. You support local businesses, they reward you, and you can either treat yourself or give back to the community.

"We'd love to be national. We'd love to be in every small biz in the country," he says.

You can download the Kabinger app right now in the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android.