Woman searches all over US to buy little girl popular Hatchimal toy

Hatchimals hard to find around Tampa Bay
Posted at 6:46 PM, Nov 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-24 19:17:18-05

People were willing to wait for all sorts of items on Black Friday, but there’s one toy that’s especially hard to get this year. 

Hatchimals are the most searched Black Friday item on Google. 

The toy hatches out of an egg and owners don’t know which one they’ll get until it hatches. 

The toy has sold out around the US and people are selling the toy online for as much as $450. 

The original price ranges from $50-60. 

For Kate Gormley, it’s much more than a toy. 

“I really want the toy not for myself,” she said, “but for my daughter’s friend who has a little girl who lost her brother last year and she’s an only child now and her only wish this year is to have one of those Hatchimals.” 

She lives in Canada, but spends winters in Clearwater.

She’s searched around Canada and stores around the US, but with no luck.

“I’m shocked,” she said, “I mean, I saw them earlier in the year and didn’t really think too much, but now all of a sudden they are the toy to have this Christmas.” 

Bromley was hoping to get one during Walmart’s Black Friday sale. 

Walmart guaranteed to have the toy, however, with limited quantities. 

In fact, they sold out in less than an hour at the Clearwater location. 

Gromely says she’ll keep searching until she finds one. 

“You know, I just want that little girl to be happy that’s all I ask for,” she said, “just one little Hatchimal and I’ll be quite happy to be able to.” 

Toys R Us and Target also carry the toy.