WATCH: South Florida man corrals injured gator

Posted at 1:36 PM, Apr 25, 2017

A South Florida man came to trap an injured gator who was in the median of of a road.

People gathered around, stopping to try and take photos when they saw an 8-foot long alligator resting along a median, badly hurt and visibly bleeding.

"It appeared that maybe it was hit by a car because it had some road rash from the nose up its spine," said Sgt. Will Medina of Broward Sheriff's Office.

A trapper from Weston immediately arrived to the scene. Cell phone video shows him trying to contain the reptile, which was no easy task.

The gator even hissed at the man while trying to get it away. The trapper put a towel over the gator's head several times but to no avail.

"This man was there for over nine minutes attempting to trap this alligator. It was an amazing sight to watch him trap the alligator," Medina said.

Minutes later, the trapper was successful. He taped up the gator's mouth and gave it a kiss on its snout.