WATCH | Goats help prevent wildfires in California

Posted at 1:00 PM, Apr 28, 2017

The secret to wildfire prevention in Anaheim, CA? Goats.

For the past few years, Anaheim Fire and Rescue has put goats to work in certain parts of the city that were vulnerable to fire.

The goats act as natural weed eaters: munching up excess vegetation and undergrowth.

"We're utilizing goats... this is our fourth year to utilize these goats to come and clear it. It's more environmentally safe. It keeps the ecosystem in place and what they do is they strip the landscape of the invasive plants and then allow the native plants to grow more fruitfully," Daron Wyatt of Anaheim Fire Department said. "And these mustard seed plants or weeds really is what they are ... are very quick burning and hot burning which is a huge disaster for wild land fires."

About 175 goats are used to clear away 27 acres of overgrowth.