Actions ranks Florida as having only the 5th best winter among all fifty U.S. states

Says Colorado has a better winter than Florida
Posted at 9:29 AM, Jan 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-04 09:29:17-05

Men's digital lifestyle website lists Florida as only having the country's fifth best winter.

Thrillist writers Kevin Alexander and Matt Lynch ranked every state by how miserable its winters are.

Not surprising, the three states the pair ranked as having the worst winters are known for having plenty of snow and very cold temperatures.

The worst state? Minnesota. Thrillist writes says parts of the Gopher State "can get down to -60 degrees, a temperature at which frostbite can occur in fewer than five minutes ... Ice fishing can’t be that cool, really."

The website lists Michigan as the second worst state because its "four-to-six wearisome months" of winter are "unrivaled for their utter lack of sunshine."

Alexander and Lynch named Alaska only the third worst state because many of its residents love living "in the place where even summer can sometimes be kinda winter-ish."

Even the states ranked as having the best winters receive snow. They just don't get much snow (sort of).

Hawaii with an "average temperature during the winter is 81" was named as the state with the best winter by Thrillist. Arizona and California came in second and third, respectively.

What might be shocking is which state Alexander and Lynch pick as having the fourth best winter. They chose Colorado.

The average high in Denver in February just 9 degrees. The lowest temperature ever recorded in the state is -65 degrees. According to Thrillist, "snowfall is a cause for celebration here. Have you ever been to Colorado in wintertime? The sun is shining, the winter sports are world class."

Sure, skiing and snowboard are fun vacations. But have you ever tried to drive on Interstate 70 in the mountains from Denver to Vail in a blizzard? That's not so fun.

There are no blinding snow storms to be found in Florida. About the only problem Thrillist could find about the land of Mickey Mouse is the Sunshine State is "filled with the type of people who unironically adorn their cars with statement bumper stickers and don’t blink for long periods of time."

The writers at Thrillist could have something against Florida. In 2015, the website ranked Florida as the worst state in the country writing “Florida's awfulness resume is so staggeringly impressive that it couldn't go any other way.”

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