New device hopes to prevent shark attacks by using electromagnetic field

Posted at 10:26 AM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-22 10:26:57-04

Shark warnings on both coasts have beachgoers on alert, and a new device is hoping to prevent shark attacks.

Florida has had at least five attacks already this season. 

Life-long surfer Nathan Garrison partnered with scientists to create Sharkbanz - his solution to the problem.

"It's designed to be there to give you some defense, instead of just relying on luck," Garrison said.

A video test shows sharks immediately attacking a dummy leg filled with bait, but once the device is attached - sharks quickly swim away.

"The predatory shark species have the most powerful electrical senses," Garrison said.

He claims the $80 cuff creates an electromagnetic field around you - disrupting the shark's senses.

Zack Davis was wearing one in January when a black-tip shark bit him. It let go after 2-3 seconds

Garrison calls the attack highly unusual, and believes the shark let go quickly because of the device, but some experts disagree.

Sot dr. Chris Lowe
"Unfortunately a lot of people treat these shark repellents like a superman's cloak," said Dr. Chris Lowe. The reality is there are no 100% proven shark repellents."

With or without that technology, experts recommend avoiding the ocean at dawn or dusk - that's when sharks typically feed.