Graduating senior calls out school's dress code in viral yearbook quote

Graduating senior calls out school's dress code in viral yearbook quote
Posted at 7:48 AM, Jun 20, 2017

A graduating senior is all the talk on social media after she posted a screenshot of her senior portrait in her school's yearbook on Twitter. 

It's not her photo that's going viral, but the senior quote underneath of her photo. 

While most of her peers chose to include quotes from celebrities and historical figures, DiPaolo wrote "I'm sorry, did my shoulders distract you from reading this quote?"

She says the inspiration came from her school's dress code which does not allow girls to wear shoulder baring tops. But as you can see in her senior portrait, like many other senior girl portraits, the robe that covers her, leaves her shoulders bare. 

According to Yahoo Style, the West Milford High School’s official dress code prohibits halters, half-shirts, shorts, sweaters and blouses that expose breasts or stomachs, or anything clothing with rips, tears, or holes that cause the clothing to become "revealing or suggestive."

Tori told the Huffington Post that her school's dress code is "inherently sexist" because she feels like it is only enforced for the girls. She says the boys wear muscle shirts all the time but they never seem to get in trouble. She wrote the quote as her senior quote because she found the situation "ironic."

Tori DiPaolo's tweet has received hundred of retweets and nearly 800 likes.




She's getting praised by high school students around the world. 

Of course, like anything else posted on the internet, Tori is also getting some negative feedback from people out in the Twitter-verse. 

In the end, Tori says she was just making a joke. She also tweeted that she regretted not retaking her senior portrait and that she guesses her "shoulders really have become a distraction now."