Craft brewers turn bad water into good beer

Posted at 12:46 AM, Sep 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-11 00:46:34-04

A hundred Tampa home brewers were trying to impress the judges during a tasting competition on Saturday afternoon.

“They are taking time to go over and really use their senses for aroma, they are really getting their noise in the beer,” said organizer John O’Meara.

This seems like a normal craft beer tasting competition, but all the water in the beer is made from recycled water.  The group Watereuse gave the local brewers gallons of treated, purified water to turn into beer.

“So you flush your toilet it goes to a plant, it gets treated and we usually dispose of it, well we are focused on getting the technology in place where we can get that water and make it more pure than your drinking water source,” said organizer Melissa Meeker.

Meekers said a few U.S. cities are already using this process for the main source of drinking water.  She said turning wastewater into tap water could be coming to more cities.

“This is just a creative way to get people to think about it differently and get excited about the process,” said Meeker.

Brewers said they couldn’t tell the difference between the recycled water and the water they normally use.

“They are doing this for the love of the craft there is so much science that goes into this,” said O’Meara.