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Vice President Pence in Florida: Healthy Americans can and should continue to travel

Posted at 11:29 PM, Mar 07, 2020

FORT LAUDEREDALE, Fla. -- Saturday, Vice President Mike Pence and Governor Ron DeSantis, joined by other state and government officials, held a press conference in Fort Lauderdale to announce extra precautions being taken this travel season.

Vice President Mike Pence announced, despite the coronavirus outbreak, it is safe for healthy Americans to travel.

Pence and DeSantis joined a number of other government leaders, meeting with the Cruise Lines International Association to discuss ways the cruise industry will be assisting in preventing the spread of the virus as passengers continue to board cruise ships in Florida.

“The cruise line industry has a strong public health record,” said Vice President Pence.

And despite recent news of cruise ships being quarantined due to the coronavirus outbreak Vice President Pence stated the healthy American people can and should continue with travel plans, but advised avoiding nonessential travel to Italy, Iran, South Korea and China.

“The American people can continue to go about their business,” said Pence.

However, Vice President Pence did urge the elderly and those with underlying health conditions to avoid cruise ships and other crowds.

“Whether it be destinations or whether it be cruise ships, those most at risk are seniors with serious or chronic underlying health conditions,” said Pence.

The Cruise Lines International Association said they are making preparations over the next 72 hours to further enhance entry and exit screenings, and establish ship board testing for all passengers.

The Chairman of Cruise Lines International Association said they will help pay to move guests or crew who develop symptoms while on board a cruise ship to locations equipped to handle COVID-19 cases.

Governor DeSantis also announced that state leaders are working with nursing homes and assisted living facilities to ensure they’re instituting best practices here in the Florida.

“Given our demographics here, we have to look at COVID-19 and look how it has an effect on those elderly folk with serious underlying medical conditions,” said Desantis.

DeSantis stated that both coronavirus fatalities in the state are among elderly folks with serious underlying medical conditions.

Vice President Pence and Governor DeSantis reiterated, the risk to the average Floridian and American in general of contracting the virus, remains low.

Pence said he and President Trump continue to meet with leaders of the pharmaceutical industry to talk about the development of a vaccine.