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Vandals caught on security cameras destroying property at local baseball fields

Two little leagues had property damaged
Posted at 9:56 PM, Jul 16, 2018

BRADENTON, Fla. — Bradenton Police are investigating after property was destroyed at baseball fields in Manatee County. 

The vandalism was reported at G.T. Bray Park in Bradenton. 

Two little leagues, Manatee National Little League and Manatee American Little League, said vandals tried to destroy security cameras near the ball fields. 

"They think it's okay to come out here and destroy something that doesn't belong to them, something they don't have to pay to replace," said Brittany Duquette, President of Manatee National Little League.

The vandals tried to break a security camera. They also took a grill and tossed it at the sinks in the bathroom. Fences around the garbage cans were also broken. Manatee County officials shared photos of the damage. 

"They took our grill that was outside the building and they took it in the bathroom and destroyed the sinks in the bathroom. They tore out lights in the bathroom," said Duquette.

Duquette said last month, vandals also tore open a display case near the ball fields. They didn't steal anything, but they are seen on camera tearing T-shirts out of the case and dumping them on the ground.

"I hope an arrest is made and they have to do community service," said Theresa Nunes, President of Manatee American Little League. 

Bradenton Police are working to identify the people seen in the surveillance video. 

"I definitely question where the parents are," said Nunes.