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Use your time efficiently and get fit fast at the gym with these simple workouts

Posted at 5:26 AM, Jan 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-06 05:27:31-05

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. — If you have your sights set on the gym this year, we want to help you see results fast and use your time spent there efficiently!

We teamed up with trainer Earnest Tyson at Crossfit Stone Dragon in Pinellas Park to show you how to have a productive workout. We’re going to be pairing a cardio exercise with a strength training exercise that anybody can do.

Burn five calories on a rowing machine, or 10 pulls, then immediately hit the ground and do five burpees (an inverted push-up exercise that concludes with a jump in the air).


Five calories on rowing machine (or 10 pulls)
Five burpees

Next one, very simple — 10 jumping jacks, followed right away by five push-ups. Do five rounds of that.


Ten jumping jacks
Five push-ups

This is my favorite, 10 air squats then hit the ground and do these mountain climbers, ten on each leg. Only three rounds here.


Ten air squats
Twenty mountain climbers

And now, find a stationary bike! Hop on for thirty seconds, then find a medicine ball that’s the right weight for you. Pick it up over your head and slam it on the ground five times. Great for stress relief! do three rounds of that.


Five calories stationary bike
Five medicine ball slams

Do all of these at a pace you’re comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. As the weeks go by try integrating more of them into your workout and increasing the reps and rounds.