Uber driver has medical episode, hits FHP trooper

Good Samaritan helps save both
Posted at 11:40 PM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-30 03:42:54-04

Authorities said a driver and an FHP trooper were saved by a Good Samaritan, who had ordered a ride from Uber.

The Good Samaritan was picked up by the Uber driver, Wednesday morning, but during that trip the Uber driver suffered a seizure.

According to FHP, the passenger managed to steer the SUV onto the shoulder. Trooper Jack Hypes saw the SUV driving across several lanes so he stopped to investigate. That's when the Uber driver accidentally switched gears.

The Uber driver, Jose Feliciano, said he does not have any memory of even picking up the passenger that morning or blacking out.

"The only thing I remember is seeing two lights behind me. The trooper opened the door and told me I looked pale and then the ambulance came," he said.

Feliciano did not know he hurt the trooper until today. He said he remembered seeing the trooper at the hospital.

"Something told me that I should be grateful of that man," Feliciano said.

According to FHP, the passenger was able to lift the SUV off of the trooper, helping save his life. Feliciano is thankful for both men. He called his passenger his hero.

"Thank you. Thank you," Feliciano said.

FHP said Trooper Hypes is recovering from non-life threatening injuries.