Hawks terrorize Springhill neighborhood, 1 hurt

Posted at 12:05 PM, Mar 24, 2016

Residents living on Renown Way in Springhill are keeping a close eye on the skies these days -- and if need be, the ground too.

"It's a daily worry; I didn't think he'd ever come back after we got rid of him from yours," said George Nott to his neighbor Al Hoelzer. "I thought that was it, he's gone."

Hawks are becoming a major nuisance for the area.

"All you can do is wear a hat and watch the ground for a shadow," said Hoelzer.

"One of the gentlmen is 88 years old, and he's been hit so hard he had to go to the hospital and get a tetanus shot, and now he wears a helmet just to go to his mailbox and get back inside his house," said Nott of another neighbor.

The hawks are dive bombing unsuspecting residents. At least two are red shouldered hawks.

"There was a least 14 hits to neighbors in this area right here," said Hoelzer just outside his front driveway.

A sign now warns of the danger above everyone heads, but the nest in the tree (and the hawks for that matter) aren't going anywhere.

"Once there's eggs in it, you have to leave it alone," said Hoelzer.

It's the second season in a row the hawks have chosen this quiet street to make their home. According to residents, it seems they're getting more aggressive each time.

Wildlife officials refuse to remove the protective parent hawks until nature runs its course. The whole ordeal has left the victims along the street without many options.

"What it's going to take to stop this? That's what we're trying to find... We're really trying to find an answer," said Nott.