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Toy companies rely on Tampa Bay area preschoolers to decide which toys could be hot this Christmas

Kids like Clay Dinosaurs and Lite-Brite
Posted at 3:09 AM, Sep 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-28 06:59:03-04

LITHIA, Fla. -- Tinkertoys — wild, colorful modern ones — could be a hot gift for a preschooler this upcoming Christmas.

Same with Clay Dinosaurs. The toy allows kids to flesh out a dinosaur skeleton.

And don’t forget about that oldie-but-goodie Lite-Brite. The toy, which first debuted in 1967, could be making a triumphant comeback this year.

All three of those toys are huge hits with preschoolers at the Goddard School in Lithia.

Big toy companies sent games, gadgets and gizmos to Goddard to be tested by the kids, who will eventually help compile a list of the 10 hottest toys this upcoming holiday season.

“Is the toy holding the child’s interest? Does it allow them to be creative?” says teacher Amanda Cervetti, who monitors the kids and whether they’re enjoying each toy. “These kids get bored easily.”

The kids will play with about 30 toys this week. The ultimate list will come out in a month or so. 

Other popular toys include Brain Builders Junior, a smart architectural game the whole family can play; and the nerve-wracking Don’t Dump Dumpty, which blends math and Jenga.