Terror attacks leaves Americans more anxious

Simple step can help ease nerves
Posted at 6:05 PM, Jan 10, 2017

A physical trainer's job focuses on keeping the body healthy. But now Parita Patels says it's also her mind taking precedence.

"At anytime you never know what's going to happen," said Patel.

And she's faced it as recently as last week.

Her flight out of TIA got canceled after a gunman's shooting rampage hundreds of miles away in Fort Lauderdale.

She and her boyfriend were headed to his nephew's baptism. They got there a day late but she's more appreciative than ever-she got there.

"It makes you think more so that life is so precious. So don't second guess  things you want to do. Go and do what makes you happy and do whatever you want to get done in life and accomplish all your goals because we have no idea what our end point is," said Patel.

Patel's attitude is one psychologist Dr. Walter Afield hopes everyone will embrace, especially during these times

"People are scared," said Dr. Afield.

His research found that American's are more anxious. But as simple as this sounds appreciating each day can help ease the nervousness

"We can't just stop living and going anyplace. You got to keep moving," said Dr. Afield.

Recent safety numbers should help put some at ease. According to Global Research, airline travel is still among the safest. It is the seventh straight year that nobody died on a United States-certificated  airline operating anywhere in the world.

The leading cause of deaths of Americans overseas is not crime or terrorism but car crashes.

Dr. Afield said people need to keep those statistics in mind and while embracing each moment is very important, being aware will also help

"If something does not feel right or look right get away," said Dr. Afield.