Tampa residents concerned about speeding on E. North Bay St.

TPD: only two reckless driving calls reported YTD
Posted at 2:54 PM, Apr 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-05 03:52:18-04

People living along E. North Bay Street in Tampa say they've had enough of dangerous speeding drivers down their road.

A Seminole Heights resident posted this on Facebook Monday evening:

"Ok. This is getting ridiculous. The speeding down N. Bay is out of control. Cars go by my house and it sounds like a highway they are going so fast. I know we have talked about this before is there a specific person I can speak to at TPD? Do I just call and bug the non-emergency line?"

Neighbors have reported seeing four-wheelers, motorized scooters and fast-moving cars driving recklessly, they said.

"We'll be watching TV and you just hear those cars whizzing by," said Maria Garcia-Gutierrez, who lives along E. North Bay St. "It sounds like the interstate."

Garcia-Gutierrez said a speeding driver in a BMW killed her cat.

"Immediately, I just started screaming," she said.

Other neighbors report similar issues.

"I'm talking about like a drag race," said Ronnie Murray, who also lives along the road. "That's how fast cars ride through here."

Year-to-date, Tampa Police said they have only had two calls regarding reckless driving anywhere along E. North Bay Street. One was a 4-wheeler and the other a dirt bike, police said.

ABC Action News asked the best way for residents to report dangerous speeders.

Police said if the situation is immediate, the non-emergency number can be used.

Of course, if someone’s life or property is in immediate danger based on a reckless driver, 911 should be called.  

There is an option on the Tampa Customer Service Center under “Citizen Action Request” to report ongoing traffic issues.

The non-emergency phone number for Tampa Police is (813) 231-6130.