Tampa nursing home ranked among most dangerous

Posted at 7:27 PM, Oct 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-01 19:27:47-04
One Tampa nursing home is now rated one of the most unsafe in the state. State inspection reports reveal a resident died because of staff negligence at Excel Rehabilitation and Health Center, along with evidence of other catastrophic medical errors.
View the inspection reports from May 1and June 26.
According to CMS and AHCA databases, state inspectors cited multiple immediate jeopardies on two separate complaint investigations this year related to catastrophic medication errors and failure to notify a physician when a resident’s condition changes.
State inspectors also said Excel staff failed to initiate CPR when a resident, who was former Marine, was found unresponsive only a day after he was admitted to the nursing home.  
State inspection reports reveal excel staffers  "did not initiate CPR as per the resident's wishes" and he "died without the opportunity to be resuscitated."
State inspection reports also state the nursing home’s medical director told a surveyor that “he was afraid for his patients” living at Excel nursing home because the facility failed to implement plans to keep residents safe from harm.  
Now, advocacy groups likeFamilies for Better Care, who serve as a watchdog for assisted living facilities, are calling for change.
“If the medical director’s that concerned, it shows just how egregious the care is at this facility,"  said Brian Lee, executive director for Families for Better Care.
For those who have a loved one in this facility, or any other assisted living facility, Lee said make sure you are looking at their care plan and make sure staffers are following it. Lee said the care plan should be revised and updated every 90 days. The care plan details everything from activities, to food, to how a resident should be treated medically at one of these facilities.
"Consumers, residents, families, should be easily concerned," Lee said regarding care at Excel Rehabilitation and Health. "And they need to be very vigilant in their advocacy if they have loved ones residing at this nursing facility.”
Lee also recommends visiting a nursing home or assisted living facility randomly, on off hours, to check on your loved one. He said that can paint a revealing picture on how much attention they are really receiving on a regular basis.
 Excel has received no fines for what happened in these reports, Lee said. 
Lee said the facility will remain on Florida's State Watch list for 30 months and on a federal watch list until the federal government sees an improvement in care.
ABC Action News reached out to Excel Rehabilitation and Health Center for comment on this story and is still waiting to hear back.
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