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Tampa man donates more than 100 gallons of blood, saving countless lives

Posted at 6:51 PM, Jan 22, 2018

On Monday, a Tampa man named Gordon Hannaway reached a milestone: he has donated more than 100 gallons of blood.

" I am a number's guy I tend to make goals and that has been a goal for some time," said Hannaway.

The goal was four decades in the making and it all started with tagging along with a colleague.

"I went with him one time and then donated and then it continued," said Hannaway.

Most donate a few times a year, Hannaway donates at least 24.

"It takes years and years of commitment and Gordon is a rare example of someone who shows that ongoing commitment," said Dan Eberts with OneBlood.

And while Hannaway has not made contact with anyone he's helped, the volunteers at OneBlood, a non profit donation center, have.

"He's a silent hero," said Eberts.

It's a priceless gift and the perfect time to recognize it.

"January is National blood donor's month," said Eberts.

Hannaway, who really doesn't want all this attention, said he hopes if anything maybe some watching will walk through OneBlood's doors.

"Hopefully we can encourage others to do it," said Hannaway.

And maybe even start a life forming habit, helping to save someone else's.

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