Surveillance video shows woman hitting parked cars in Hyde Park

Posted at 10:46 PM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-24 23:33:24-04

Video from a home surveillance camera shows a woman hitting several parked cars before taking off in Hyde Park.

A spokesperson for Tampa Police said it is investigating the crash as a hit-and-run.

Officers received the surveillance that not only showed the woman hitting several parked cars, but also later showing her getting out of the car, opening the hood and appearing to adjust a headlight.


Neighbors said the accident happened a week ago in Hyde Park on South Melville Avenue near West Cleveland Street.

"Now living in that neighborhood, I don't even feel safe parking my car there," said Sebastian Sanchez.

Sanchez left his home to go to work and found shattered glass everywhere. His Toyota needs $7,000 worth of repairs.

"I am having to go through my insurance and pay over $7,000 on repairs. I am also having to use my mother's car at this point," said Sanchez.

Neighbors are frustrated over a lack of respect for their property.

"The alignment is off on the wheel. They pretty much told me at the auto shop that the wheel, if I kept driving it, could have easily just have flown off which would have endangered my life," added Sanchez.

Officers said they recovered the driver's bumper at the scene. They believe the car might be a silver Mitsubishi and are continuously working to identify the driver.