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South Seminole Heights donates $1900 to Salvation Army Angel Tree

South Seminole Heights gives $1900 to Angel Tree
Posted at 2:54 PM, Dec 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-10 14:54:52-05

An amazing act of kindness is set to help hundreds of Bay Area children get new clothes this holiday season.

ABC Action News and The Salvation Army partner every year to host one of many area Angel Trees, where people can buy not only toys for children in need for the holidays, but also “needs” like clothes, shoes, socks, underwear and other essentials.

The need was more than expected this holiday season, with the Salvation Army taking on more children than planned this year.  Also, some donations came back with toys, but without any clothes or needs filled.

The South Seminole Heights Civic Association found out and decided to help.

Stephen Lyle, president of The South Seminole Heights Civic Association, put out a post in a community Facebook page asking for help.

Hey neighbors! I recently found out one of our local neighbors, Lauren Rozyla, has a donation tree at her work and although the children selected were all taken many of the donations that came back didn’t provide what was on the list. The things kids really NEED like clothes, school uniform clothes, etc. we’re largely ignored and thus the parents will have an undue hardship to try and provide for their children. 


I don’t have children but this tugged at my heart strings a little bit so I am going to try to make up for what was forgotten. The South Seminole Heights Civic Association, pending a board vote, will be matching my donation as well. 


If anyone would like to donate to the Angel Tree as well please let me know. I will personally match ALL donations on top of what I am already donating. I will give you my PayPal or Venmo, will put it towards the cause, and I will be going tomorrow to purchase all the needed items for these families and to finish off the lists so they can have the Christmas they hoped for. I will post a picture so you know it went to the cause. 

Thanks for considering helping out and helping families less fortunate!

Together, Lytle, alongside several area businesses and individual donors in the neighborhood, helped raise $1900.

Lytle and his wife went to Walmart and purchased clothes, shoes, toiletries, hair essentials, underwear, toothbrushes and more to help make up what was missing from some gifts and helped donate to other children.