Serial pizza parlor burglar arrested after posting evidence to social media

Owners of Primo's Pizzeria: He's not too smart
Posted at 11:21 PM, May 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 08:58:10-04

Polk County deputies took to Facebook to try and track down Cameron Gore, 21, after Gore posted on Facebook he wasn't “gonna go back” to jail. 

Gore was wanted for breaking into Primo's Pizzeria at 1031 S. Combee Road on three separate occasions.  The owners of the business said Gore broke in Monday night and stole a bottle of liquor.  The bottle was called Vodquila and the same one that went missing from the pizza parlor ended up in a Facebook post made by Gore Monday morning.  In the cover photo Gore is seen holding up the liquor bottle wearing the same shirt deputies say he was wearing when he committed the crime.

“I don't think he is too smart you show yourself in a crime on Facebook,” Sal Petreeca a co-owner of Primo's Pizzeria told ABC Action News reporter Michael Paluska.

On Feb. 10, Gore posted a previous mug shot for an arrest on Facebook.  In the post Gore said he wouldn’t go back to jail.

Polk County investigators used Gore’s post against him and made a plea that paid off with Gore’s arrest. Polk investigators posting:

Dear Cameron Gore – remember back in February when you posted your own mugshot on your FB page and you said, “People wanted to see my mug shot….Here ya go….Never gonna go back?”

Well, we thought people might also want to see you in a video, stealing a bottle of Vodka-Tequila blend (VodQuila?) from Primo’s Pizzeria on Combee Rd in Lakeland, AND the FB cover photo you posted right after that (wearing the same shirt, holding the stolen booze) where you said, “It’s going to be that type of day.”

Here’s what type of day it is now: the type of day where we have a warrant for your arrest, for the three burglaries you committed at Primo’s Pizzeria (on March 11th, March 18th, and May 8th), and we tell our FB fans and social media sleuths. We are afraid you likely are “gonna go back” to the Polk County Jail, despite your February proclamation.

Here's the video of Cameron breaking in:

Polk updated their earlier post with news of Gore’s arrest:

UPDATE, 8 pm, May 8: Hey everyone - guess what? Cameron is in custody. He will be booked in on his warrant tonight. Thanks for sharing & the tips!

Petrecca and the rest of the employees of Primo's Pizzeria relieved tonight that Gore is off the streets.

Gore is charged with three counts of burglary and petty theft.