Meet Lazarus, our April 23 Rescues in Action lad

Posted at 10:10 AM, Apr 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-24 10:10:26-04
Lazarus is 100 pounds of pure, and he need a forever home.
He is a nearly 3-year-old Rottweiler. Lazarus tips the scales at slightly more than 100 pounds. 
He was brought to Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue from the Hernando County Animal Control on Good Friday. Lazarus and another dog were picked up after being reported as strays by local residents.
At Animal Control, it was discovered Lazarus has a 4-inch hole in the side of his lower left chest. A section of skin had been torn away, revealing the muscle and tissue. The damage was extensive.
Since then the veterinarian at Hays Town Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Kerri, was able to suture the wound closed and provide aftercare in the following weeks. 
Despite his injuries, Lazarus has a fantastic temperament. He is good with adults and children. He displays mild toy and food guarding with other dogs. Lazarus knows a few basic commands.
You can help Lazarus in his recovery by adopting him and giving him a forever home.
For information about how to adopt Lazarus, contact Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue at