Replenishing emergency supplies: What's available and what's not

Florida's Hurricane season isn't over yet
Posted at 5:29 PM, Sep 18, 2017

Don't forget: Florida's hurricane season lasts through November!

So while Hurricane Maria, currently in the Atlantic Ocean, doesn't yet appear to be a threat to Florida, now is a good time to begin replenishing your emergency supplies.

We took a look at how some of the major suppliers in the Tampa Bay area are doing.

Home Depot's spokesperson says they are still working to replenish supplies in Florida of storm preparation materials like plywood, tarps, water, and generators.

Generators in particular were shipped in large quantities to Texas when Harvey hit, making less available to Floridians a week later.

Lowe's Home Improvement store also appeared to be low on these types of items.

Publix told ABC Action News that it usually takes as much as 10 days for all their stores to be fully re-stocked after a major storm like Irma. Grocery store shoppers are still reporting some items, like in the dairy aisle and in the canned good section, to be a little low on selection. Publix at least has re-opened all their stores to regular business hours. Except for one of course: the one in Key West.

And AAA says you can expect gas prices to start slowly dropping, finally, after peaking today at prices not seen since 2014. Usually gas prices drop after the Labor Day Holiday weekend, but the storm caused a surge in price because of high demand. AAA warns that if Maria does appear to change direction and aim towards the mainland United States, that will freeze the price drop.

In general, if you can begin replenishing now, you won't have to fight the lines if another storm does head our way.