Razor blades dropped into children's car seats in Walmart parking lot

Mom: Monster is out there trying to hurt kids
Posted at 2:41 PM, Dec 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-02 22:19:08-05

A Pasco County mother said she left all four of her windows cracked about an inch to keep the car cool while she ran into Walmart for groceries.  When she returned to the car she says someone had dropped inch long razor blades onto her children’s car seats.

“Somebody is out there trying to hurt children,” Kim Battease said.  “I had all my windows vented and they (razors) were only in the car seats.  They were in my kids seats and only my kids seats.”

Battease said there were a total of three, one inch long brand new razor blades in the car.  

“Some monster wants to go around and hurt kids for no reason,” Battease said.  “I can't wrap my mind around it honestly.”

Battease said normally her children ages eight and five would just buckle themselves in.  Thankfully, Battease had to grab mail out of the back seat.

“I was going to grab something, thank God I left a pile of mail in my other son's seat who was still in school at the time,” Battease said.  “And when I picked up the pile of mail there were razor blades in it.”

She immediately told her five year old not to get into the car and found another blade on her booster seat.

“Thank God my step daughter wasn't in the car yet.  She was climbing in.  I told her to get out of the car there was one on her side too,” Battease said.

Battease said she reported she found the blades to the Walmart security guard posted at the store.  She sent a tip into the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office online, but did not file a formal report.

Investigators said they did get a report Friday morning of a razor blade in a tire at the same Walmart on U.S. 19 in Hudson but there wasn’t enough evidence to file any charges for criminal mischief.