Peeper frightens Pasco neighborhood; deputies have been hunting suspect since March

Man lurks outside woman's Holiday home
Posted at 11:20 PM, Jun 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-23 23:20:41-04

Deputies have received several complaints of a peeping Tom or a man exposing himself in the same neighborhood.

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, they have received several calls since March and they have been investigating them. The most recent case was reported to them yesterday. ABC Action News was informed deputies plan to increase patrols, both marked and undercover, hoping it’ll lead to an arrest.

Authorities believe the cases may be connected because they are less than 3 miles apart in the same Holiday Lake Estates neighborhood.

“I’m nervous for myself. There’s a lot of kids, a lot of little girls around here and a lot of single women in this neighborhood,” Tiffany Scott said.

Scott saw the unknown man Thursday around 3:45 a.m.. 

“You can never make out anything except for the scruff on his face,” Scott said.

Scott believes the man, who looked through her window yesterday, was the same man who peeked through her window in late March. She said both incidents occurred between 3-5 a.m. She said there have been several times when she has had a feeling someone is watching her.

“I’ve locked myself up in my own room and convinced myself that I’m just being a girl, you know, but…I’m seeing a shadow or I’m seeing this and I’m hearing that and it’s really…it’s real. He’s real,” Scott said. 

Scott did not know about the other cases until she reported hers yesterday. 

“It seems like he knows this neighborhood ‘cause he’s always running in the same direction and he’s going toward the dark,” Scott said.

Scott said she does not want to live in fear anymore. She said she is scared to death and has made sure to protect herself.

“It’s crazy ‘cause like I said I’ve been convincing myself this isn’t happening and what’s scary is that not a lot of people know,” Scott said.

According to the sheriff’s office, they are working on putting together a composite sketch in order for people to help them catch the person or people terrorizing the neighborhood.