Local parents trying to prevent threatening Dunedin man from being released to public

Randall Drake was hoarding guns and plans
Parents petition for Dunedin man to stay jailed
Posted at 6:08 PM, Oct 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-24 06:09:13-04

Despite being called a potential danger to the community, a man accused of hoarding explosives in his Pinellas County home could be released to the public at any moment.

Parents who lives in his quiet Dunedin community are now working to prevent that from happening.

"As many guns as there were and the plans for the schools and stuff its just your worst fears basically," says a mom who lives near Randall Drake.

Randall Drake: Dunedin man arrested after explosives, guns, school maps and more found in his home

Dunedin man with guns, school maps and explosives in home being held for mental evaluation

Drake is 24 years old, and is charged with having destructive devices inside his Pinellas County home that he lives in with his parents.

The weapons, and satellite images of local schools, were discovered in a police raid for child pornography.

"You have to do something so I guess my first thought is what can I do. First thing I thought of was just to message other moms on Facebook," says Ashley, who asked us not to use her last name for her family's safety. 

Ashley posted to a Facebook page for moms in Dunedin, and also reached out to the State Attorney's Office. Under their advice, she is now soliciting letters from the community to try to convince the judge in the case to find a way to prevent Randall Drake from being released to the public.

Drake has posted bond, which was $10,000 for each charge of explosives, and now just needs to pass a psychological evaluation to be released back into their community. He was Baker Acted by the Sheriff's Office after he was released from jail, and is now in the custody of a local medical facility.

One of the reasons deputies haven't charged him with other crimes yet is that his exact motives aren't 100% clear. A handwritten letter, found in Drake's possession, was threatening in nature but made no specific threats, so deputies are left to guess what he was planning and why. They add that he is not cooperating in his investigation.

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office adds that they confiscated all of Drake's weapons, but Ashley and others in the community fear he'll somehow find a way to  follow through on the vague threat he made in writing, to have "bloody revenge."

"Its not enough to just let him go home and that's the end of it and hopefully he'll get convicted someday," she adds.

A judge could soon be overseeing a hearing for Drake's current medical evaluation.