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Parents of fired medic speak out, Union representative calls for termination of county administrator

Posted at 10:09 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 22:09:22-04

TAMPA — There were heated emotions Wednesday at the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners.

The parents of a fired medic Lieutenant Mike Morris II and a union representative called for the firing of County Administrator Mike Merrill.

“My son did nothing wrong, where is the evidence of that?” asked Kathy Morris.

Hillsborough EMT fired, 3 others suspended for failing to follow protocol resulting indeath of mom

“He is an outstanding young man that served this country in Korea and Iraq. His only goal was to serve this country and this community,” said his father Mike Morris.

But County administrator Mike Merrill said they did a thorough investigation.

They shared the investigative report with ABC Action News and pointed out key discrepancies on the night that 30-year-old Crystalle Galloway needed medical help. 

In the report there are two different stories, coming from deputies who first responded and the medics. 

And, the bottom line, the paramedics did not follow protocol.

“They did not take Ms. Galloway’s vitals. I am confident we came to the right decision,” said County Administrator Mike Merrill. “The was a 10-week investigation and we looked at everything. Lt. Morris was in charge and admitted he was in charge on the record.” 

But his parents stand by him. 

“He is a hero. And heroes are always heroes. He served in South Korea and then Iraq,” said Kathy Morris. “We are devastated for this family, Mike is devastated. He is committed to serving,” said Kathy Morris.

Merrill countered by saying, “I feel for this mother, but being a war hero does not give you a hall pass. He was wrong.”