Palm Avenue potholes causing Tampa drivers problems

Private developer plans to repave, add roundabouts
Posted at 5:59 PM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-19 17:59:29-05

Residents say the stretch of road on Palm Avenue between Tampa Street and North Boulevard has gone from bad to worse.

"It's worth it to go around," said Paige Johnson, a busy Tampa mom. "I have a new car, so definitely the potholes causes you to do a lot of bobbing and weaving."

"You're dodging a lot of potholes," said Tony Pattillo who works nearby. "It rattles you!"

Pattillo said while other parts of Palm Avenue have been repair, the stretch between Tampa Street and North Boulevard has been left behind.

"There's stretches of road that have been repaired numerous times and this has been looked over," he said.

ABC Action News went to the City of Tampa's transportation department to find out what plans are for the road.

Jean Duncan, Director of Transportation and Stormwater Services said a private developer working on new properties along Palm Avenue has plans to repave the road and build two roundabouts. Duncan said the city halted fixing that section of road to avoid wasting tax dollars on road repairs that would eventually be ripped back out.

"When he gets done, it should be in very good condition and it should last for a good long time because the base of the road will be redone," Duncan said.

For drivers, this will be a welcome relief.

"It's good to see private money and people step up," Pattillo said.

'It's just a little bit of extra stress off your mind that you don't have to worry about," Johnson said.

The city says the developer should start repaving and fixing Palm Avenue in the next few months.