Veteran shot in early Tampa home invasion

Posted at 8:47 AM, Feb 15, 2016

Investigators in Hillsborough County are on the lookout for the suspects involved in a brazen home invasion that ended with one man shot. It happened at a home in Watermill Village at 8557 J.R. Manor Drive.

Investigators told ABC Action News the victim, Grant Langenburg, was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital.

Roommates say Langenburg, an Iraqi war veteran, chased the intruders 300 yards before realizing he'd been shot.

People who live in the community describe it as a quiet neighborhood, many said they were shaken to see a crime scene being investigated right in their community.

"It's very surprising, it's weird. It's very concerning," said resident Kenny Wilson.

Wilson was shocked to see a crime scene right outside of his front door Monday morning. Hillsborough County deputies responded just before 5 a.m., where investigators say a group of men burst into a Watermill Village Home. Four men were inside at the time.

Those who live in the small community say it's typically a safe place for families.

"I've lived here for over a year, and nothing like this has happened. It's peaceful, everybody here walks their dogs, walks their babies and kids down the street. Kids playing in the street, playing down the road here. Your typical community," resident David Carpenter told ABC Action News.

Investigators are speaking with witnesses, trying to determine a possible motive in the case. They're also trying to determine an exact number of suspects. In the meantime, people who live in the area told ABC Action News they will be keeping a watchful eye out.

"We can certainly take precautions and try to be a little bit more safe. It's scary to know whoever did this is still out there," said Wilson.