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Omicron variant may impact supply chain

Supply Chains
Posted at 8:57 PM, Dec 02, 2021

TAMPA, Fla — As the omicron variant spreads, you've probably read up on how to keep yourself healthy. But analysts like Dr. Seckin Ozkul, director of the Supply Chain Innovation Lab at USF, are studying its impact on the health of our global economy and the supply chain.

"We don't know how everything is with the variant," he said.

Right now, he says there are still many more questions than answers. And while he's confident that we have enough supplies on the shelves he adds that that uncertainty could impact another piece of the supply chain.

"Will our workforce shy away from going to the workplace because they are now scared that they may now actually get this new variant?" he said.

For him, the two biggest factors to answering that question will be determining how quickly the new variant spreads and how it reacts to current vaccines and boosters.

And personally, he says he's hopeful that it won't be too bad.

"I look at the previous variants and the previous variants all of them reacted very positively with vaccinated persons," said Dr. Ozkul.

While we wait for more answers, he asks that people avoid panic buying.

"We don't want to buy our neighbor's presents as well. Of course, if you need five [items], buy five. But if you need two, don't buy five please," he said.