New tactics to catch South Tampa jewelry thieves who have evaded police for months

Posted at 4:54 PM, Jul 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-27 18:40:59-04
No where to be found! Serial South Tampa burglars are still on the run.
Jennifer Hoffman lives just doors down from where jewelry thieves struck.
"It makes you nervous. It is upsetting. We live in a nice neighborhood, not that any neighborhood should be targeted," said Hoffman a young mother of two.
But that's exactly what's been happening.
Tampa police said at least 15 homes have been targeted, most robbed in broad daylight.
Even solid video evidence captured on two home security systems have led to nothing.
"It has been a little frustrating, we put out video that is pretty darn good video," said Steve Hegarty with the police department. "We expected that would get a lot of hits. But there has been nothing that has resulted in identifying them yet."
But now, Detectives think they know why.
"So we might suspect that they are from out of town," said Hegarty.
The clue is coming after a possible slip up from one of the suspects themselves.
"They took credit cards from two residences and those credit cards were used. So now we have another idea of where they might be," said Hegarty.
They got hits out of South Florida and Naples. And now, Detectives are going out of town with their investigation. 
"We are pulling out all the stops, said Hegarty.
Including using other agencies and media to get this video out in those areas. Expanding Crimestopper rewards and putting up digital billboards. This time hopefully giving police the upper hand.
"They seem to be doing their homework and they seem to be pretty clever about covering their tracks," said Hegarty.
Hoffman said she will sleep better at night when they are behind bars. And while they have been able to evade police until now she's also confident these new tactics will work.
"Eventually they will get caught," said Hoffman.