New surveillance video captures startling hit-and run crash of University of Tampa student

Hit-and-run crashes are a growing problem in Tampa
Posted at 7:04 PM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-16 08:50:23-04

"I did not feel the impact of the truck I did not feel any of my bones break," said Jack McMahon.

In the video, you can see a speeding truck slam into the 20-year-old as he's standing on the corner just across from the University of Tampa and Kennedy Boulevard and South Boulevard.

The impact was so hard, McMahon was thrown onto the pavement.

"I am thankful that I am here today," said McMahon.

He shared pictures that captured the severity of injuries, his leg, knee cap, arm and wrist all broken. Not to mention severe bruising and deep cuts needing stitches.

"I feel really lucky as if I had some angels watching me," said McMahon.

He is recovering at his parents home in Boca Raton. Action News talked to the junior via Skype.

He hasn't even seen the surveillance video. But is thankful we are sharing it. The driver who did this is still out there.

"I personally would not be able to live with that. It makes me angry that no has owned up to it," said McMahon.

It's been more than two weeks and with time ticking by, police admit it's harder to find the driver.
It's a frustrating problem for police. Recent numbers from the state show hit-and-runs are up 15 percent in two years.

Detectives hope the video will be the key in solving this case.

"At least just apologize to me that's all I really want an apology," said McMahon.

McMahon feels speeding is an issue too.

"To have 100 mph in the police report really terrified me," said McMahon. "It is a miracle that a car hit me in the head going 100 mph and I am still here."

Police said speed is a sporadic issue. That's why they often have extra patrols, especially in the heavily populated student area.

McMahon is just thankful, he will see his senior year.

"I am not paralyzed, I will be able to walk again," said McMahon.

And he is determined. Despite being in such pain, he still took his final exams. He said to us passing all of them.

Tampa Police said they there are 150 or more reports of hit-and-runs each month. Most of those cases have little or no investigative leads.

So they really hope the video will make a difference.

McMahon's case is one of 30 under investigation.