New push to improve Temple Terrace through Comprehensive Plan

Plan aims to fix roads, housing and job growth
Posted at 10:28 AM, Apr 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-25 17:45:06-04

There is a new push now to build up Temple Terrace through new jobs, businesses and infrastructure improvements.

The IMAGINE 2040: COMPREHENSIVE PLAN FOR TEMPLE TERRACE just received a gold-star rating from APA's Comprehensive Plan Standards for Sustaining Places Recognition Program Pilot.

 According to the plan, the city is looking to attract people work at USF and Tampa Executive Airport to Temple Terrace. 

Planners say that USF offers high-paying jobs and that these employees will need a place to live. They say there is an opportunity for many of these people to reside in Temple Terrace, if the right types of housing, lifestyle and amenities are offered.

While Temple Terrace is an  affordable and a good family-friendly option, a lot of people don't consider it when choosing a place to live and work, residents say.  

JoAnn Koza, who helps run the family-owned 56th Street Florist in Temple Terrace, said many don't think the city doesn't offer enough to attract newcomers.

"I mean, we deliver to a lot of places so I know there are places out there that are beautiful, new townhouses and condos that are going up. But I'm not sure if they are giving them a chance," she said.

Planners also say Temple Terrace is also in a great position to capture spin-off activities from Tampa Executive Airport. But the City needs to coordinate with these entities to entice these businesses to locate within Temple Terrace, the plan states.

In addition, there's been several pushes lately to fix not only the roads, but the infrastructure of Temple Terrace.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization is taking on Bullard Parkway as its next project in "Vision Zero," an effort aimed at improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians.

"We have to do better than we're doing now," said Gena Torres, Metropolitan Planning Organization executive planner.

The concept is finding small solutions to fix big problems. On Bullard Parkway, the county will use bright green paint down the bridge to highlight the bike lane, and make it a little wider.

Pedestrian safety is also one biggest concerns for people there, according to the comprehensive plan. Some of the major projects outlined in this plan have to do with fixing pedestrian right of ways and crosswalks.

Other goals include:

Some of the major themes of the update include:

  • Increasing density in current and future major activity centers (56th and Busch/Bullard, 56th and Fowler Ave., Harney/US 301) and along the major corridors that are served by transit.
  • Implementing ‘Complete Streets’ and expanding the Multi-modal Transportation District (MMTD) so that not only automobiles are accommodated; but also pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit.
  • Encouraging ‘Economic Development Areas’ along the I-75 corridor to increase incentives to target industries such as Biotechnology & Medical Devices, Medicine & Medical Management, High-Tech Electronic & Instruments, and Defense & Security 
  • Increase protection of environmental resources. 

The goal is to work on achieving many of these goals and meeting them by 2040.