New online tool could help you find your next job

Future Plans assessment tool could help Tampa Bay
Posted at 5:49 PM, Aug 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 11:31:59-04
Many people in the Tampa Bay Area are looking for a way to escape their low-paying job, including people who have zero college experience, and even many young adults with 4-year degrees.
"Many of them have degrees and they picked a degree that put them right in the unemployment line," says Terry Boehm of the Pinellas Education Foundation (PEF).
To prevent this from happening to the next generation of workers, and also to help people struggling right now, the PEF created a new tool called the Future Plans program. It's an online assessment that Boehm believes goes well beyond the usual career assessment tools out there.
"They're a dime a dozen," said Boehm. "But they're not being used very well or very often. They're not focusing on key things."
Boehm invested five years and a lot of money to create Future Plans, which assess people on the follows traits:
  • Ability
  • Skills aptitude test
  • Work values
  • Personality

Most importantly, however, the test matches your score with good jobs in fields that are expected to grow.

The results of the assessment provide a detailed breakdown of your interests and skills and style, and for the next month you can take the test for free and then bring those findings to your local CareerSource office.

You don't have to be from Pinellas County to take the test. Learn more by clicking HERE.