Lutz family in new home thanks to donations

Posted at 3:02 PM, May 19, 2016
After a fire destroyed the De La Sala's family home three years ago and then, the builder never completed the work, they were left to pick up the pieces.
Alyssa De La Sala, now 11, couldn't stand to watch her family suffer. She asked a local radio station to promote her lemonade standwhich would raise money for repairs.
Not only did strangers give, but the first responders to the fire showed up in support. Deputies also reached out to businesses and several came through.
One year after the lemonade stand, the De La Sala family is now in their new home. 
The community raised about $18,000 through donations and a Go Fund Me page. Local businesses also donated things like the granite for the countertops, elements of the bathroom, a new pool pump and more.
"It was quite a rollercoaster," said Jennifer De La Sala. "It was really hard but after the lemonade stand and the outpouring of support from people, things just came together really quickly."
Alyssa is still so grateful to the community for their support.
"I just want to thank them for helping us get home and I'm so happy that they helped us," she said.
The family is still working to replace some of the furniture lost in the fire but for the most part, everything is back to normal, they said.