Local Olympic hopefuls say Zika risk not keeping them from Rio

McIlroy's withdrawal not deterring two swimmers
Posted at 6:57 PM, Jun 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 19:30:34-04
State health officials confirmed Wednesday seven new cases of travel related Zika in Florida. 
That makes 213 cases so far in Florida and the virus' threat is creating an ever growing cloud over the upcoming Olympics.
Pro golfer Rory McIlroy became the latest athlete to pull out of the games because of Zika concerns.
Earlier this month Olympic officials reassured athletes the Zika virus will not be a big issue, yet McIlroy's withdrawal makes him the highest profile athlete to back out and could pave the way for more to follow.
Morgan Tankersley knows the risks the Zika Virus could pose on her or her potential Olympic teammates.
"Actually I remember reading a swimming magazine A letter from officials saying that they should just cancel the games altogether which I think is a bit extreme," Tankersley told us following swim practice at the University of Tampa's Aquatic Center.
Tankersley felt that was extreme for one reason.
"Personally for me it's going be a lot different from the 28-year-old is trying to start a family," she said.
Tankersley is only 16, and is focusing on upcoming Olympic trials more than anything else.
Jeremy Parker, like Tankersley is one good trial finish away from joining Team USA.  
Pro Golfer Rory McIlroy will not take the risk, these two give the impression they will take the risk.
"He's made a name for himself he's very accomplished and I'm pretty new at it all," Parker said.
Tankersley added that while McIlroy, a four time major champion, may have opportunities in the future to compete in the Olympics she may not.
"This would be my biggest accomplishment ever, again I can't really give that up."
The Florida Department of Health isn’t telling Olympic athletes or their families not to go and even if they did Parker says it wouldn’t matter.
"They will have to force me not to go."
The CDC is encouraging athletes or anyone planning to visit Rio de Janiero this August to take enhanced precautions.  You can read more details on the travel notice by clicking here.