Levy County Sheriff makes it a personal mission to find body of 17-year-old plane passenger

Posted at 8:50 PM, Feb 21, 2017

The Levy County Sheriff's Office has made it a personal mission to recover 17-year-old Dylan Jerrels' body. They covered about 13 miles on Tuesday searching for the teen who has not been seen since the plane his father piloted left Brooksville and crashed.

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A radio and keen eyes were the two key pieces needed for this mission.

"We are searching for Dylan’s remains, we are determined to do what we can," said Lt. Scott Tummond with the Levy County Sheriff's Office.

Tummond said they are refusing to give up even after the Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife suspended its search days ago.

They launched the airboat and combed the banks and oyster beds.

"We are hoping that in the inclement weather his body may have been pushed by the winds and the tides into these shallow areas," said Lt. Tummond.

They also sharing signs to look out for.

"An irregularity in one of these bars that there might be something there to check out," said Lt. Tummond. "For instance, marine life, any bird activity."

They are going above and beyond in memory of a beloved resident, Jasper Jerrels. Dylan’s dad who piloted the Piper Cherokee that crashed into the gulf

"This hurts our hearts. It's close to home for us," said said Lt. Tummond.

Crews found the bodies of 65-year-old Jasper and his 60-year-old fiancé, Hue Singletary. But one week later still no sign of Dylan.

"Just knowing a grieving mother has no closure is enough to drive us," said Lt. Tummond.

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Reinforced by witnessing Sarah Jerrels' anguish. The mother wept when crews finally found what's left of the single engine aircraft Monday. They pulled it six and half miles to shore onto Cedar Key

Tuesday's search spanned twice the area and after hours on the water, deputies were still no closer to bringing Dylan home.

Deputies aren't done yet. Lt. Tummond Even said he hopes boaters in the area will see this report and know what to look for. He then urges people to call it in.

"Anything that is odd that could give us an idea that could be him," said Lt. Tummond.

And despite all these extra efforts the family says they're not giving up. They are even contemplating hiring a helicopter pilot to search these waters.

Dylan went to Steinbrenner High School and took part in the band.

His mother said he was headed to USF and then wanted to join the service before pursuing a career in radiology.



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